I've been playing guitar not too seriously for about a year now, and due to my current life circumstances currently have shit loads of time on my hands to practice. So, I've decided to start a weekly YouTube series to track my progress as I go from a bluesy noob, to hopefully a competent shredder for some motivation to look back on as I improve. Not really sure what sort of routine I should use in the videos but any advice is greatly appreciated. IF ya wan't, follow me on my journey! Here's the first video..

Guitar noob to SHRED DEMON: Week 1

Also on a side note if you're wondering where I'm at as I begin the journey here's my 1 Year's progress video..

1 Year Guitar Progress

PS: Any tips on learning to shred will be hugely appreciated!
ayyy lmao hello again, I followed you from the Pit. I'll try to keep up with your progress. Even if I have nothing to add, it might just be interesting to see how you develop as a player.
You know, I think I'll follow you since I'm in the same boat. I've had a crappy past 2 years with playing when it comes to playing guitar (hardly playing due to college and work, the "life" that people say gets in the way lol.)

It'll be nice to see someone else do what they can to develop themselves further, and I hope all goes fell for you, bud!
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Please don't use the forums to promote your YouTube videos, if you want to do something like this you can use the blog function on your profile page and leave a message in your sig directing people to it.

Obviously if you've got any questions that pop up as you progress then of course the community will be able to help, also if you specifically want someone to analyse your technique via video we have a dedicated thread for that.

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