I am a new member on the forums. Hooray!
So anyway
My life story/question for you:
I usto play guitar many years ago, but never got exceptionally good at it (I was OK at best), but I had a real passion for it. This was at about the age of 16. Well one day I came home with a bad report card and she took a hammer to my amp and guitar to the point they weren't repairable. I was devastated to say the least. So, not having much money I bought a secondhand Schecter Damien for about $200 (has EMG-HZ pick ups). I never disliked it but I never liked it as much as my old guitar, thus I never ventured to get an amp due to a lack of money/interest. So my love for the whole thing just faded.
Fast Forward to now, about 6 years later...
I have gone out and snagged myself a Schecter Damien Elite Avenger with Seymor Duncan Invader pick ups and I love it. Also picked myself up a line 6 amp which may or may not get changed out depending on how I like it a few months down the road.

-------------SO HERE'S MY QUESTION------------
On the new Avenger, I get feedback from the amp when theres alot of gain and the volume is alittle high. Now some would say that's normal BUT if i touch any metal part of the guitar such as the volume knob, the inside walls of the guitar, or even the guitar chord port the feedback stops. It will only stop if i touch it with my skin, If something plastic touches it, it continues.
I can say it's not the amp because when i plug my other guitar in there's no feedback on the same settings.
So does anyone have a solution to this weird feedback noise other than slicing some of my skin off and taping it to the inside wall of the guitar? (Yea i thought about doing it...)
It may be a grounding issue, but Invaders are *really* high output picukps. Use less overdrive than you think you need, and check the hum/buzzing level then.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan