I really need help relaxing my fretting hand ive been playing for almost 8 years and its embarrassing to have my fretting hand tense up when playing fast runs or anything that require my fretting hand to make fast movements. i need help on how to relax my fingers while its playing fast and tips on how to play clean whenever im picking fast runs or sweeping
I think you need to slow down... seriously. If you can't play cleanly on fast runs and you tense up, then it is a sign that you're going too fast. Slow down your metronome and work from there.

And no need for such a huge letter size, we ain't blind :P
Do slow warm ups with a metronome. When you want to learn faster stuff, start at a slow tempo and gradually increase (this may take days or weeks to get to the target tempo).

Also, watch for tension in the upper arm and wrist. You're probably squeezing the guitar unnecessarily hard (this often shows up as a 'shrugged' left shoulder). If you post a video of yourself playing both slow and fast, we can give you more specific advice.