Not sure if this is the right spot, but I just want to have some constructive criticism on my first album setlist. None of them have vocals recorded yet because I also need some tips on singing well, but here's a link to a Google folder will all of our songs. If yo r like it, I'm looking to get this album out in May, in which case a purchase would be appreciated. I do have one vocals version of a song, so vocals help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!
To be honest,

I have no idea. The music was abstract for me. I'm not sure what you are looking for here, but there's not enough there for me to know what you are looking for. I'm thinking most others have the same thing.

Also understand that listening to your entire setlist of music, is impractical and time consuming, and unless I were being compensated for a professional opinion and constructive criticism, I and most people would not give the time that it asks to answer your questions. That's a lot of work and giving a lot of time for no discernible purpose.

I could listen to one song, maybe...but an entire list of music. Not if I have no personally vested interests, or if I have no relationship. I'd do it for my friends here, like if Jerry K, Or JP asked me to listen to his stuff and comment I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I don't know you.


can't really bother to listen through the whole thing. One thing I will say though is that you should really add some variation to the drums because right now they really sound like you just took a beat and looped it for X minutes.