I just bought a new Epiphone SG g-400 pro and I have noticed some fret buzz.
Low E string at 8th fret, 2nd and 3rd string at 14th fret. That is with normal picking (not too hard).
Standard tuning and 10-46 string gauge (the strings that the guitar came with)
I havent made any trust rod adjustments since the neck seems to have a bit of a relief.
I raised the action above factory recommendation and the problem doesnt go away.
If I lower the action a bit below factory settings the problem gets a bit worse and there is fret buzz at a couple more spots.
What do you suggest I should do?
Take it back to the store. They should do a set up for free.
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Two options... take it back (but the replacement may be much the same). or... take it for a pro set up. A good set up makes a huge difference to the playability, not just fret buzz but the whole experience! (no I am not a luthier touting for work, just a satisfied customer).