I'm starting a weekly series where I'm learning to shred, and showing my speed progress week on week, link below. My question is what is usually your criteria for bumping up the speed of the metronome? e.g. Playing the lick cleanly ten times in a row. And how much to increase the metronome by each time, also how quickly if you practice say and hour a day would you expect speed to build. Thanks.

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December 14, 2017
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I'm learning to shred

Don't set your metronome so that it is clicking every note you play, you want to be able to subdivide the click on your own, like 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 notes per click. It is useful to play your exercises with all downstrokes at half time, and then all up strokes, that way you build strength both ways. it is also useful to breakdown your exercises into simpler parts and work on those, alternating between starting on up and downstrokes. Be aware of how your technique adjusts from slow speeds to faster speeds. The angle of the pick. The firmness of your grip. Make sure it is a natural progression from slow technique to fast technique. It is also good to be aware of your maximum alternate picking speed, like the speed in which you can pick one note, staying on one string, then compare it to the speed at which you can pick across multiple strings. Pay attention to the circles perpendicular to the string your pick makes when doing only downstrokes, make sure this circle is symmetrical to the circle you make when doing only up strokes. It will help form a cleaner circle when alternate picking, which is useful in keeping everything steady and similar when speeding up. That's all I got.
Stop wherever you are at (assuming the video is you) and start at the slowest possible speed. You aren't playing clean at all with the speeds in that video and this will:
  • Snowball into even sloppier playing when you speed up
  • Cause you to plateau fairly soon and prevent you from moving to faster rates

Spend an obnoxious/seeming redundant amount of time playing slow and VERY gradually increase the speed. Once your hands become coordinated in unison at slow speeds, it will become much easier to advance as you increase the bpm. I.e., ensure your playing at low bpm is flawlessly clean. Give it a week or two at at least half the speeds in that video and you will guaranteed notice a difference.

Edit: if you're only playing an hour a day, I wouldnt recommend increasing speed more than 5-10 bpm per week. Unless you're a wizard, harry.
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Forget about making videos, the time you spent recording and editing would be better spent practising. If you truly enjoy guitar and want to improve you dont need the instant gratification of youtube views and comments, if anything it will hinder your progress.