I have many backing tracks (blues, rock, etc.) that I would like to start practicing leads with. I would like to use wireless headphones. I also have a POD HD500X that I can plug directly into a mixer. I can't quite figure out what mixer I should buy to use with my POD HD500X and how to play my backing tracks. I guess I could put them on my ipad but, I think I would need a bluetooth to interface it with the mixer. Finally, whats the best wireless, over-the-ear headphones that I could plug into the mixer and not have to replace batteries in the headset all the time.
The POD doesn't have a line in? I would do that.

Personally i just use a Bluetooth speaker and my phone.
I guess I forgot to mention that I also need to be able to hook up my Taylor acoustic too.
The more wireless you go the more recharging you'll need to do.

I've found the inexpensive, small and thin 1" square 4th generation iPod shuffle clipped to my guitar strap, connected to the small also low cost Vox AmPlug2 plugged directly into the guitar, feeding a good set of earbuds/IEMs or over-the-ear headphones is a convenient walk-around un-tethered fingertip control setup for practice. The entire set is portable and powered by the Vox AmPlug's and iPod's batteries. Technically it is not a wireless yet the combination works well. I get hours of use and can control everything without even looking, due to the iPod's VoiceAnnounce, raised control ring & buttons, and the button layout of the VoxAmplug2.
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Are there any good apps out there to play backing tracks on an ipad or iphone? Meaning an app that allows me to jump back and replay a section over again.