Hey, my friend is selling me his guitar, he's a drummer and pretty much is lucky to not drop a guitar whenever he picks one up so he's deciding to sell it. He's selling it to me for $150. It's not used at all basically cause, like I said, he's a drummer and never plays guitar. He said a while back that his dad bought it brand new with custom pick ups( I think ), but he wasn't giving the best info because he doesn't know anything about guitars.

Here's the guitar:
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I've played it before like a 8 months ago and it played well from what I can remember, it's been sitting there pretty much the whole time not being played since.

Any serial numbers on the back? My guess is a Jackson Soloist, but that is a guess. Looks too high-end to be a JS though.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
Those are surely not custom shop pickups. We need more info.
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Any serial numbers on the back? My guess is a Jackson Soloist, but that is a guess. Looks too high-end to be a JS though.

Thanks for the reply, man. The soloist does seem likely. It feels more high end than anything that I've really owned. But that's not saying much.

Edit: I'll have him take a picture of the serial number tomorrow or if I go over there tomorrow I will look.
Lol nobody would sell a virtually unused high end guitar for $150, it does look nice though, the pickups look factory.
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