Ive been listening to the mothers freak out, and captain beefhearts trout mask replica.

And for how much i respect zappa i can't get into his music. I think the term zanny applies and thats just not a term i tend to equate to music i like. When i listen to the album i hear sesame street sometimes. It just doesn't catch me, infact there is a general lack of cohesion and catchy passages. What frank zappa does remind me of is Monty Python and the meaning of life. I don't find that movie funny at all though. Weird sense of humor i suppose. I would say my favorite is muffin man

Captain Beefheart on the other hand comes across as more moody. And so far i noticed some really good drums, and an acoustic guitar song. He has some more catch in his music to accompany the prog-ish elements. He has alot of the same off tempo stops and starts, time changes, and all this, like i said with the element of moodiness and catchiness. And i think thats important, i don't think the self indulgent sprayed complexity or just wacky goofy weird to be weird stuff makes music good.

What do you guys think?
Trout Mask Replica is one of the greatest albums of all time. I never really knew where to start with Zappa, so I have yet to listen to his work properly
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

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Zappa's catalog is really vast and covers a ton of different ground. Everyone's of course entitled to like or dislike it all, but I'd say it's a big mistake to dismiss him based on Freak Out! alone. Check out Zoot Allures or Sheik Yerbouti if you want something a little more accessible and cohesive-sounding, The Grand Wazoo for something a little more, well... grand, and Roxy and Elsewhere and One Size Fits All for some pretty progressive and creative music. All still on the more "accessible" side of his work. I've been listening to tons of Zappa for like 9 years and there's still several albums I haven't even heard a note from yet.
Zappa any day.

I love Beefheart, but wouldn't even try to compare. There's many great Beefheart records but he's still a rock compared to the mountain that is Zappa.

If you aren't digging the Mothers that much try Zappa's solo records. Hot Rats is completely different from any of that and one of my favorite records. Though really, you should just get into the Mothers. Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, We're Only In It For The Money, Lumpy Grave, Uncle Meat... so many classic records.

Also, are you only listening to Trout Mask Replica? It's pretty different from any other Beefheart record...
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Very new to Frank Zappa - any recommendations on where to start?

Fillmore East – June 1971
Uncle Meat
And, inevitably, Joe's Garage

He has a staggering amount of material. So it is like that old bit about "How do you eat an elephant?" . . . One bite at a time.
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romencer17 Actually changed my mind, Beefheart is crap. That album sucks, i happened upon one of the better songs as my first listen. I get it you hear people say that captain beefheart was a legend and this and that. But when i have to consciously make myself listen to his music and i still dont like it im going to go with it sucking. His voice is crap and he made his drummer put cardboard on his drums. Thats like the most ghetto and beginner thing people do with their drums. I hate listening to him yowling like he thinks hes special and really cutting edge. Read zappas biography and the guy comes across as a really selfish wannabe. Trout mask is one of those albums that people hail as this legendary artsy thing and really they just convinced themselves that its good. The guy was a tool, brainwashing people and acting like a cult, and in the end the product reflects this. His style reminds me a child scribbling when he knows nothing about coloring and expecting people to decipher it and exault the end result. Heh sorry end rant.

Zappa on the other hand the more i listen the more i like. I really like the song dont eat the yellow snow. And the garage song. Peaches in regalia is really good too. Some of his songs are things you put on when you go to bed and try to imagine along with it.
I appologize for trashing zappa, that was a giant mistake. The man was unlike anyone else. Listen to joes garage, peaches in regalia. Tell me what you think about him playing rock song with his sense of humor. He seems to love and care about what hes doing. And he basically built an empire from nothing. IF nothing else respect the work ethic. He paid his band btw.
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