Im planning on just playing small bars and clubs, nothing major.

Amp: Jet City 20
Guitar: Les Paul Standard (alnico pro 2 pups)

Im pretty confident that the guitar is good, but Im unsure about the amp. I love the way it sounds, but im not sure if it's loud enough. What do you guys think?
For small venues, it should be enough. You may run out of clean headroom, but if you're playing with distortion mostly that shouldn't be an issue. Any time you need some extra volume you should be able to mic the amp for sound reinforcement.
Thanks for the reply. I plan on buying a few mics to help out the sound
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^The SM57 is the standard go-to guitar amp mic. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer.

I will check that out
20W might not be loud enough to be heard over a loud drummer (for you to hear yourself on stage).
I have a Jet City 20 that I'm running through a Jet City 2 X 12 cabinet. IMO it gets pretty loud for what it is. Depending on what type of music you're intending to play (cleans are not the JC 20's strong point) I can't imagine this setup not being adequate in a bar / small club setting however a loud drummer / PA / ambient noise may negate that somewhat. Only one real way to know for sure...
Get it up on an amp stand, for starters:

That'll help you hear it and it'll reduce any mechanical or acoustic coupling that might lead to boominess (is that a word?).

Close mike it with an SM57, but keep in the back of your mind that the sound from your amp and the sound from your amp coming through the PA will hit your audience at slightly different times. You may have to make some adjustments because of that.

Be sure to keep the sound from your amp OUT of vocal mikes as much as possible. That will introduce yet another delayed sound source from your amp and could really muddy things.
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20W might not be loud enough to be heard over a loud drummer (for you to hear yourself on stage).

I have a couple of 18W amps that I think are just underpowered for gigging that's unsupported by the PA. The same speaker setup with a 50W amp is more than adequate.
A 1x12 40W combo is the easiest amp to gig around with. Loud enough for smaller venues and has enough clean headroom. Relatively easy to fit in a small car or carry around.

If there is a PA for the vocalist, try the SM57.
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Most gigs will have a PA so you're fine, throw in a mic in front and you're fine. I am not sure you need to buy a mic, most places I've played that have a PA usually provide the mics as well.

Most likely there would be a PA at least for vocals. most of them have 4-6 channels even the most basic ones. But you are at the mercy of whatever you find. Sometimes you would wish you had your gear available others you get a great sound you wish you could get at every other gig.
How I run my RM20 when I use it is to run it in front of me like a wedge on an angled stand with a Sennheiser e609 hanging in front of it. The band have no problems hearing it and FoH comes from the PA. I don't ever use cleans but I could because the MV is never above about halfway up.
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It should be fine. Run it through the PA, and get the amp off of the floor (if running through the PA, you can even put it on the floor facing you, like a monitor).
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