I have joined this forum as I find the guitar tabs and chords so good and I always find a set of chords that suits my playing level!
I'm also hoping that you guys might be able to give me some advice. For an up coming birthday present to myself I'm thinking of buying myself a 12 string guitar. The one I've got my eye on is the Sigma DM12-1ST 1 Series Acoustic 12 String Guitar.
In your opinion is this guitar a good guy or should it be a "goodbye" in favour of a guitar you can recommend to me. Sadly my maximum budget for this purchase is £250.00 and if at all possible closer to the £209.00 that I've seen the Sigma advertised for.

Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.
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Thanks for all your help.......Much appreciated!

This thread is not popular, it's for newbies on 24 hour probation (no offense intended), just wait until you can post on the regular forums then ask in the acoustic guitar forum, you'll get some advice there for sure!

Welcome to UG, there are plenty of knowledgeable members here that will readily offer advice, don't be discouraged by this one forum

When you post questions about guitars be sure to include your budget, preferences, your current gear, genres you want to play and your location, this will make it easier for us to advise you!
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