I use cubase 5 and would like to send my drummer a STEREO cue mix including backing tracks and click, and also run a separate STEREO backing track with click through the PA for the rest of the band. the mixes will be different, the only thing i want coming through the PA are synth tracks and some clean guitar, while my drummer will get his Overhead mics, click, and the full backing track to play to.

Ive figured out how to route it through the control room in cubase, but whats leaving me confused are the cables i need to route all the hardware.

From what ive figured out, i need some kind of Y adapter with two male 1/4" connections, and a female one. Idk if i need TRS or TS and what those even mean. The outputs on the back of my drummers interface (tascam us 1800) has balanced main L and R outputs, and balanced outputs 1 2 and 3 4.

I have some kind of headphone amp which only has two inputs in the rear, an L and R. I figure i can use the Y adapter on the main outs L and R on the tascam, and use a cable to run that to an input to the PA system. That i will mix for the band. I would use two cables running from balanced outputs 3 and 4, running to the headphones amp L and R, and then my drummer can use his headphones with that.

What cables do i need to achieve this? i need a Y adapter with either TRS or Ts on both ends, and do i need special stereo cables to run from balanced outs 3 and 4 to go to the headphone amp? can i use regular instrument cables? and i would imagine i need a stereo cable going from the Y adapter to the PA.

Sorry for this huge post, i hope i was clear. Id appreciate any information before i set out to guitar center and they send me away with the wrong stuff...lol
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From what I remember of the TASCAM interface you mention the monitor and 1+2 stereo out are the same. AFAIK you need to route within Cubase say your room mix to outputs 1+2 and route what you want to send the drummer to 3+4. Then all you need is regular 1/4 jacks into headphone amplifier for him and 2 1/4 cables for two channels to mixer for you.
You can add outputs 3+4 in the interface setup in Cubase, then add a second send on the tracks you want to feed him and route that to 3+4 in Cubase.
About click track - probably easier to record that back into Cubase as audio by muting everything else for output, so just a 1/4 from output one into channel 1 input, and bus that later as needed.
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