I have two strats currently but I run into issues when doing some trem style stuff Joe does. I'm looking only to buy used. My budget is around $300-$500 (used) because I don't feel like spending anymore than that. Is it possible? Thanks.
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If you're running into the issues I have a feeling you may be running into w/the strat trem (tuning), bear in mind, strat trems aren't really designed for wild dive bombs and such that are common in shredding (at least if you want to stay in tune). You want a locking trem!

Beware though, most affordable guitars w/locking trems don't necessarily come with the best locking trems out there - If you're wanting to go with another guitar in your price range, your best bet is probably a used Ibanez RG or S-series of some sort.
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Ditto on the Ibanez recommendation. My used Prestige is pretty badass and a lot of the forum posters here have similar experiences.
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Another solid option in that price range would be a Godin Freeway Classic, or maybe the Freeway SA. Made in Canada, HSH configuration, stable tremolo (Wilkinson?)...about the only complaints people have about them is their pickups. Some say the neck HB is too bright, for instance.
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I have four prestiges at the moment. I love them.

$500 to $550 would get you a nice one on the used market if you are patient.
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When I went out to buy a Satriani model guitar way back in 2000, I ended up getting an S1520 prestige model because the store didn't have the Satriani in stock at that time. I put a PAF Pro and FRED in for the pickups and have been happy with it ever since, it is by far one of my best playing guitars, the S guitars are a great alternative for the Satch model IMO.
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Ditto on the Ibanez recommendation. My used Prestige is pretty badass and a lot of the forum posters here have similar experiences.

My used Prestige was around $600, but it is an amazing guitar for the price with a great Trem system. You should be able to find one in that price range if you are patient.
I'm gonna go against the grain on this one (even though Ibanez's are sweet, I'm just throwing out another suggestion!) and recommend a Washburn Parallaxe series guitar. I bought mine new for around $760 (PXM10FRQTBLM) so I assume you can get a used one for ~$500. They have SD Distortion/Jazz humbuckers, an original Floyd Rose with a big brass block and spring silencers, and the buzz feiten tuning system. I like mine a lot.

They are relatively newer so finding a used one could be a bit difficult which is the downside. Barring that, an Ibanez as previously mentioned would do you well.

Edit: Found this one on reverb. Different model than mine but very similar hardware. A bit higher than your price range though.

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