So i've been recently looking at the fender paisley relics where they do the red paisley finish and then spray over it and relic it so you see the original paint job underneath.

I have a squier strat that i'm experimenting with as I'm only just getting into the whole guitar customisation thing, but I am really tempted to do the respray over the top this (however I wont relic it, i'll just let that happen in time).

So my question is, if I want to just go over the top of my cherry red strat with say something like a light blue without doing much to the original colour, will I just have to apply wood primer and then spray over the top with the colour? Is it as simple as that?

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I've done it successfully just by cleaning and distressing the existing finish. then applying top coats. - No stripping or primers.

So just a bit of sanding and then paint and it would come out alright? Does the paint still cling well?
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^^^^ Yes, at least for me. - I used automotive self-catalysing flat black spray can over factory poly.

Nice, i'll give that a shot! Thanks for your help
As long as you don't try grandstanding with nitrocellulose lacquer. The solvents in that pretty much act as paint removers on many, many, types of finishes.
I don't have much experience with what you are doing but i have watched many of my friends repaint cars. They always use a scratch pad to sand the previous finish so the paint will adhere. They also make sure the new paint will not strip the old paint as some paints are not compatible.