I use a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, but I've heard really good things about MXR's Smart Gate too.

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I use line 6 pod farm now, its amazing, I wouldn't use anything else, it has a noise gate. the only thing it doesn't have is a harmonizer/pitch shifter .
I'm using an ISP Noise Decimator II, it's by far the best one I've owned.
I have an ISP Decimator. Check those out and if I had to buy another I'd look into the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate - Scott Ian and Gary Holt use it.

I'm currently in a phase with TC Electronics and have recently picked up their Flashback Delay, Vortex Flanger, Corona Chorus, and Ditto Looper. . . .
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I absolutely swear by my Boss NS-2, but I have heard great things about the ISP Decimator as well.
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Decimator II.
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I would go with isp. I tried a smart gate and I wasn't that fond of it,however i haven't tried one on one of my rigs, so weigh that in.

The ISP seems the most natural sounding of the bunch, a little less color as well.

I will also note that I have not tried the TC.
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My number one: Boss NS-2
My number two: MXR Smart Gate
Haven´t tried any other personally and don´t feel the need to....
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I do not play metal but I was shopping around for a noise gate/suppressor. I know that for metal they are more useful.

I tried the NS-2 and the smart gate. I could easily notice that they altered the tone, the boss reacted quicker to the noise while the MXR was less coloured. ended up not getting any I would rather have the natural noise than having a gate mess up my tone. I think that those are necessary in metal especially for very rhythmatic playing.
I have an ISP Decimator G-string. By far the BEST noise gate I've ever used (ZERO tone suck/tone coloring, eliminates unwanted noise perfectly, etc), but it's on the spendy side. I haven't tried the regular version, but it seems to also be rather well regarded.
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Since a lot of people have suggest the ISP Decimator I would suggest something different. If it's noise you're after, then;

Rocktron hush:


If it is hum then do check out Electro harmonix, they have the Hum Debugger. They also have the Silencer which is a noise gate.


I would suggest you to check the cavity shielding on your guitar and quality of cables before you actually go ahead and buy yourself a noise pedal/ suppressor and plug it in to find out that the hum/noise still exists.
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