I've always wanted to be able to sweep pick effectively so I wrote a little exercise to help me work on it. I started around 50bpm and played it over and over until it was near perfect and then I would increase about 10 bpm. It was going swimmingly until I got to 100bpm, I can't seem to get past it. Critiques and advice appreciated!

Here I am....flaws and all.

Not an expert by any means but:

Your picking hand is going diagonal on it's path down, it starts off straight then starts to kind of veer off. The straighter/flatter it is the better because then the distance to the strings is consistent, allowing your fretting hand to sync in with that consistency - that should offer more speed and cleaner playing.

Another idea might be to drop the bpm back to 50 every once in a while just so that you can focus on specifically the matching of the two hands, also probably good to go back and think 'damn, 50 was easy when it was hard before'

Is that Petrucci guitar? One his main sayings was that his speed comes from the absolute pairing of his hands movements; I think if you give a week or so of consistent training you'll fly on. Sweep picking really is a matter of man hours due to the muscle memory
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Need to see what you're forearm is doing. At moment you are doing fine adjustments of the pick quite a lot, just with thumb and finger, as you change strings. That will cause problems at higher speeds.

Try changing strings purely by moving your forearm (slightly), and pick from wrist if more than one note on the string you landed on. As a discipline, that can offer better control. Another thing ... does your hand / arm stick at all on guitar body?

Usual stuff ... try this at very slow speeds ... say 40 bpm, 1 note per click, and absorb yourself in controlling your picking hand. Can be very beneficial not even worrying about fretting hand, for part of practise, so you're fully concentrating on the picking hand motion.
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Another thing ... does your hand / arm stick at all on guitar body?

Yes, my forearm rests lightly on the top part of the guitar.
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Yes, my forearm rests lightly on the top part of the guitar.

But is your forearm moving across the strings as you sweep, or are you mainly moving from your wrist to cross the strings? Looks to me like the latter, but I couldn't see your forearm.

It's moving just from the wrist that can cause timing issues at speed.