Hi guys, not posted in a while. It's Exam time, urrrrgggghh.

So I've been after a guitar for a little while now. Initially was after a 12 acoustic. Went against advice given (mistake 1) and gave in to 'shiney-Itis' and bought an ibanez aew4012 figured ash. Whilst this was a stunning guitar that's unfortunately where the good times ended. Due to the limited number of guitar shops in my area I ended up purchasing online. The people I ordered with are a fairly big chain and had a store I could get to but it was a fair distance away. They only had one of the ibanez in stock company wide so I didn't get the opportunity to try first but I bought it anyway (mistake 2).
When it arrived it had been damaged but it seemed only cosmetically. Not a great start but i decided to play it for a bit and decide whether to go about getting a partial refund or exchange the guitar. Out of the box there was a lot of buzzing on open low e a and d, sorted the neck relief but then the action was stupidly high. Action at 12th feet was about 6-7mm but the saddle was only about 3.5mm at its highest point so there was no room for adjustment there. Got the straight edge out and the angle of the neck was waaaaaaaay off. It was at this point I decided on the exchange. I've got to say though, the guys i dealt with were absolutely brilliant, seriously outstanding customer service.
At this point the hunt for a replacement began. There was a selection of yamahas I was interested in. Unfortunately the current model was out of stock discontinued and the new range was on pre order expected in 3 months or so. Was then tempted by the fender Tim Armstrong mahogany 12. They had the 6 string version available for demo but 12 was special order. Read a few reviews and all looked good but read one or two damning reviews on quality control mainly warped necks on delivery and then that put doubt in my mind. Didn't want an ibanez repeat.
Rest of the 12 string available were out of my price range. Decided to hunt for a 6 string instead. After seeing the mahogany fender i decided that would satisfy my need for something a little different so decided to see what solid hog guitars I could get in my budget. The Tanglewood premier historic TW130sm stood out for me. It's solid mahogany top and back laminate mahogany sides slotted head OM body. This one was also unavailable for demo but there was a large range of tanglewood guitars I could try. So I headed in and had a go of a few of them in my price range and they all seemed really nice. The stock strings are a bit heavy for my liking but other than that I really liked playing them. Decided to take the risk and order in the TW130sm. This guitar was also £100 cheaper than the ibanez which was very nice. I have had this guitar for a few days now and I am loving it. It sounds beautiful, seriously good sustain even at a low volume, nice and clear when strummed moderately hard. Really really happy with it. It also looks stunning. It has no binding and the seam between all parts is subtly rounded making for a very clean looking guitar. It has (in my eyes) a sort of simplistic elegance that makes it really pop.
At £251 I higly recommend this guitar they also do a parlour version of the same guitar.
Been quite the guitar buying adventure, but on my travels a discovered a true gem. The redwood AP-20 parlour. Such a fun little guitar, solid cedar top and its £79!!!! The one they had on demo was actually quite good. As a beater it would be perfect. Actually considering one as a travel guitar. If you have a chance to play one I recommend you do. I think many people will be surprised.

Sorry this is so long winded.
Will get some pictures/videos of the guitar up in the next day or two.

Thanks for reading