You have a lot of options in that price range when looking at classical guitars.

My recommendation is that you and your son (and maybe the music teacher if possible) go to a guitar store (or a few guitar stores) and try out different models and makes. The range in quality can be pretty wide at that price, so it's important to try them out.

Your son may not prefer a cutaway.

14 years old is a bit young for him to know the features that he wants, but 1500 Euro is also a lot of money to spend arbitrarily on a classical guitar guitar.

For that much money, you should absolutely be spending it on something with solid tops and sides, probably no electronics (since it's a classical), and the cutaway is preference (although I prefer non-cutaway.)

I have never played a Hanika.
My God, it's full of stars!
As Dread says, there's a lot of choice in that price range, and I also would avoid pickups and preamps.

The best I have ever tried, for both tone and value for money, were Katohs, just a few months back. Cordoba and Yamaha have good reputations for solid performance and workmanship, but I would be asking in a more specialised forum than this. The classical group in Usenet, rec.music.classical.guitar, is still very active - and opinionated!
Thanks for all the help. We ended up getting the Hanika cut pf model, it seemed to have the best combination of features for the price.
Cool, hope you get a lot of years and playing out of it!
My God, it's full of stars!