Hey UG! So I released this album on 21 Jan 2016 for free (like all my music ), and this is my 1st album, I never posted it here but always posted demos from the 2nd album I'm making now, this album was written to have vocals but I backed out, I still want to do vocals for it in time though.

At first doing all of this by myself, learning all the skills I needed to make this album from 0, except for guitar which I still had to practice and improve a lot, it kind of burnt me, so when I released the album I hated it , but now I feel pretty chill about making music and after giving it a few listens I think there are some pretty cool riffs in it.

I recommend Fight the Lie (1st song, the chorus), The Broken Ones and Calliope! Foundations gets the most listens (because it's the shortest one I guess?) but I don't really think it's very good.

You can listen to it full on YT or track by track on SC.


Soundcloud - Mark of the Broken

I hope you enjoy!