I'm looking for advice on finding a virtual drummer. I've tried the EZdrummer free demo and was very impressed with the sound quality but I'm looking for something where instead of either choosing from preset beats or trying to click out a beat, I would be able to enter in actual sheet music. The idea may be too good to be true, but I've used Guitar Pro for composing all of my songs and have specific ideas for the drum tracks in mind that I wasn't able to recreate with the EZdrummer demo. Thanks in advance for any ideas/advice.
Im not sure what format drum sheet music is in in guitar pro; but I would research to see if there is some sort of 'export to midi' feature that will let you bind each drum piece to a certain note (i.e. Snare = C1). It will take a little effort to figure out which drums are bound to which notes for ezdrummer, and then set that up in the 'conversion' process. Thats my best thought
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EZ drummer has a way to import midi commands into your DAW thus being able to use your GP 5/6 files to create drum tracks. Like the above poster mentioned, you have to get the numerical values to match between GP and EZ drums, but that should be easy to find on the interwebs.
Most DAWs will allow input from midi keyboard or other controlled where you can tap in your drum beats in real time. What you use to play back sounds is up to you, so you can use EZDrummer for that or other plugin.
Studio one even lets you use keys on your keyboard to tap out and record in real time.
Look into Hydrogen - standalone drum machine program which can export midi or audio into your DAW, free as well. Btw if you need midi maps, look up EZDrummer's site, it has the midi mapping of the drum notes. Some DAWs let you have translation tables which you can create to match one end to the other, I remember I did that in Cubase back in the day when my friend programmed beats on his drum machine and we wanted to trigger the sounds of another drum machine.
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EZ Drummer II is my absolute favorite, even though I own Superior and Steven Slate Drums. The songwriter feature just makes everything perfect.
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Tutorial: Studio Quality Programmed Drum Sounds
Yeah but without the songwriter and midi packs it is pretty much dead in the water...you have to tap out everything and it sounds stale, so if you're getting EZDrummer you'd also need to get some of the packs programmed by real drummers, that way you can just drop real beats and modify few accents, etc. to fit, instead of programming the whole hting from scratch.
My 2c.
OP said he wanted to program the drums himself

I used midi packs for my 1st album and the drums do sound more alive and feel better, the songwriter feature is awesome but sometimes it doesn't work right with some midi packs and it's pretty limiting if you're trying to do something innovative, you can get a riff idea in your head then go crazy looking for a midi loop that fits it, probably to find something that doesn't fit the original idea. Also I think it's a useful skill to learn to program drums.

Best thing for the final product would be buying a drum machine with midi output, playing the drums yourself and using Ezdrummer 2 to give it sound, but it's not something everyone has access to, for lots of reasons.
I program the drums myself...with a little help from world renown drummers

I don't use the pre-canned midi files, I tweak them. It beats having to program 5 minutes of midi kicks and snares and fills when you have all these options, like the variations in EZDrummer packs for example, say ride on one iteration of the beat, ride/crash on the second, then you can tweak the midi notes to make it your own by changing say some of the kick patterns, etc. You want fills? You can get something really well played at the drop of the mouse, maybe a little tweaking, but it is so much better than anything you can program...unless you are a really good drummer of course.

From what I've heard online most guitarists usually stick these really stale drum tracks in there that need some life, whether programmed or dropped in, they usually need a lot of work.

If you really want to go commando on drums, get a Boss Dr. Rhythm 880 - it can do everything as a standalone. I've used it before I got on the PC with the EZDrummer packs, did several albums with it as a matter of fact.
I did hear about tweaking MIDI recorded drums, I tried, but it's not 100% stuck to the grid (which is what gives the drums life + changing velocity), so I don't know how to make it work, it takes me a lot of time to find a midi file that fits the idea, if I can find it at all, then I try to edit the MIDI item, but I'm afraid to touch too much stuff and break the "natural" feeling. I try but the lack of experience is there

It would be cool to have drums that feel good on this album too, because I really feel the difference when listening to the music in depth, but I don't know where to start, and I don't have money to buy a drum machine