Posting this for a buddy of mine who is more of a drummer than a bassist. This is a really cool sounding bass, he just doesn't play enough to justify keeping it. Here's his description, PM me with any questions!

Professional Instrument, beautiful and in almost mint condition. This is the Handmade in Japan model. Very versatile modern instrument.

Comes with hard case.

Some slight scuffing on outside of pick ups from strings. Recently set up at Milanos music and La Bella black nylon flat wounds installed. Also comes with Cobalt Blue

From Ibanez:

Made with carefully selected tonewoods and precision hardware, the ATK1200 Prestige is definitely the pro's choice in bass guitars. Its big, five-bolt, all-access maple neck and substantial-yet-comfortable light ash body provide huge tone and lasting sustain.

The ATK1200's combination of a CAP Sonic Arch front humbucker and a CAP Double Humbucker in the rear give you a world of tonal possibilities, and the ATK N3 3-band EQ lets you shape the ideal sound for any situation.

Light ash body
ATK4 3-piece maple neck
Maple fretboard
CAP Double Humbucker bridge pickup
CAP Sonic Arch neck pickup
ATK N3 3-band EQ
ATK 4 bridge
Chrome hardware
34" scale
Width at nut: 42.5mm
Width last fret: 63mm
Thickness 1st fret: 21mm
Thickness 12th fret: 24mm
Radius: 240mm

Gallery of pictures here:



Willing to trade for drum gear, other instruments or Professional studio gear.
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