Am i the only one who struggle to get my fingers fast and correcly the C chord ? Is there a proper technique to aboard or if there's any sourt of practice to help it?
Especially I'm playing Slash so he's always doing these types of stuffs:
Yeah, don't wrap your thumb around the back when shaping the chord. Instead place the pad of the thumb on the back of the neck and use the top edge of your ring finger to silence the 6th string. Ideally, especially in fast changes, you want to keep the thumb relatively stationary throughout chord changes (though it may slide up and down the neck of course) so as to reduce unnecessary movement.
I don't have trouble with it, but I almost never play that C shape. You can play the B shape on the same root. It's in the same neighbourhood, or just the top 3 strings of that chord. or top 4 of amin7 grip. Or also on the 8th fret E shape. I just don't really like that one, because there are open strings with it, and it's right near the B shape one anyway, it doesn't have a lower root, or lower melody note, since you can just drop the high E on the B shape C chord, which is the easiest way to play that chord, and you can hit the 8th fret C on the high E from there also if you want. That C shape, is just kind of pointless and redundant to me, most of the time. Definitely the one I use the least, but it's the most commonly thought of as THE C chord.

Guitar is all about things you can't do that you practice to be able to do though. A workaround is a workaround. If you just want to be able to strum some songs, workarounds work great. If you want to become a really good guitarist, you need to persevere, and work through everything, one thing at a time.

EDIT: that slash hammer-on thing though is a good use for that grip. Would be tough to do in a B shape. that's maj7 up to the root, which doesn't grip easily in the B shape really.
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Justin guitar will help u yes c chord is hard at frist but it gets better
Also warm up frist with other chords u know,then try the c chord
It took me a like half hour to get it down but it will happen
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Quote by gweddle.nz
Cus the C shape chord has the nicest voicing

I don't find it does. C in particular has those two open notes, which I don't like, but even at that, that shape, I find is the least nice of the 3, except maybe for maj7 chords, but for Cmaj7, that would be even worse with the open strings.

In a sense, the C and E and A shapes are all the same voicing. It's just how many strings there are to go high up the arpeggio. It's the different tuning of the B string that makes the shapes look different. What matters, really, is just what note is the lowest one, and which is the highest, and open strings. The A shape C chord has the same root note, and can easily be played with the same highest note, and has no open strings in it. I find that's much better.

A different voicing for C, would be C/E, like


You can only play that in the open C voicing shape up at the 12th fret region.

The E shape version would be


Same root.

I don't use C/G voicing much I guess. But that would be easy enough for the C and A shapes, by adding the low G at 3rd fret. Idk how I would do it for the E shape up at the 8th though. I guess just drop the E string altogether, even easier.
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