Hey guys! im looking to invest in studio monitors + a sub. I dont have a ton of money but let me know what you recommend. Im into recording just about anything and I do make my own electronic/dubstep music. lookin at a budget of $650 to $800 for 2 monitors and a sub.
you should not need a sub if you get good monitors, the krk rockit 8s are like 200 each and should have plenty of bass response without a sub.
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I agree 100% with Emo. If you have good monitors you don't need a sub. Subs are ok to listen to (I personally don't use them) but if you intend to distribute your mixes to anyone else or play the mixes on their system don't mix with a sub. When you play back on another system you will wonder where the low end went. Monitors need to be as "flat" as possible. No extended highs or lows so everyone can play mixes done on them. A sub gives you low end frequencies that you might be able to hear on your system but most other systems will not reproduce them and it will muddy your low end.
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The Yamaha HS series are a real good choice for a budget. I would also recommend you to consider how your room might sound and treat it acoustically if needed. If you are really into recording and mixing it is important to know the acoustic principles before investing a lot of money on gear.

HS8's are fantastic and with ample low end. No sub needed.
KRK Rockit's are great for budget, and to be honest, they do SOO much for a home setup. I swear by mine.
I use a pair of Behringer Truth B2031A. I love them, they have great sounding quality across all frequencies. They only only run about $200 each.
I like the Yamaha HS-5's in most of my rooms, paired with the ridiculously cheap Polk sub's which usually show up used or as returns at the big box stores.

If I'm filming and need to show my room, I'm using KRK VXT6's

Be REALLY realistic about your room volume (in cubic feet not dB ) and don't overdo the size of the speakers you can effectively use. I have a decent room and I'm using the VXT6's instead of the 8's, leaving the 8's for the big room for students as needed
Equator D8s would be my go to in that range.
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