Whats the diffrent between purchasing tab pro on ultimate guitar app and tab pro app

Ive been purchased tab pro from ultimate guitar app not the tab pro one app, is it life time purchase or has a limited time to used? Because when you purchase on ultimate guitar app it didnt ask for how long we can get tab pro services. Btw im Ios user and sorry for bad grammar. Thanks for anyone who can help me
Pretty sure it's lifetime. I bought TabPro on the PC and can access everything on the TabPro app on my phone. When I bought it there was only one option (lifetime subscription).
You can check your subscription on the Ultimate-Guitar website by clicking "UG Plus". It will show you how long your subscription is. You should also be able to use your subscription on both of the apps - I think they released an update for that (not 100% sure about that bit though).

Hope that helped