I've tried to do this vst host stuff before but got nowhere and the plugins didn't sound very good. I've read the sticky thread here, about simulators, but I didn't see anything about the program that you're supposed to load the amp n whatnot on. I ended up downloading Mulab, but don't think it does live input from guitar.

So what is a good free vst host? Assuming that's what I need. I want try out the Mesa Boogie Rectifier Clone in the above sticky thread.

'Good n free' is just that, you get great with stuff like BIAS FX - and even that's fairly cheap to buy. Go buy that, you'll thank me.
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You can start with something like Tracktion 4 which is completely free:

(lots of other DAWs out there - Cubase, Sonar, Sony Acid, Reaper, Mixcraft, etc.).

Once you have the host software then you can start adding vsts.

You also need impulse files to load into a cabinet modeler in order to get more realistic results, I think that is where people get disappointed because they miss this step.

Try these:
http://igniteamps.com/en/audio-plug-ins (make sure you get NadIR - impulse response cab loader)

http://nickcrowlab.blogspot.com/ (8505 and 7107 are great)


http://www.voxengo.com/group/free-vst-plugins/ (try guitar cab sim)

http://rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/ (try Freeamp 3)
Then you'd have to get some impulse wav files to load.

I like Kalthalen's free IRs but all should be good to get you started. Basically you open the impulses with NadIR or other cab sim loader, like Voxengo's has a cab loader.

The thing is that a lot of these need some eq and compression from the DAW to shape things as well as possibly some reverb and delay in the final mix.