So i am in a bit of a pickle and would like to ask for the advice of the UG community. I am the bassist/producer of my band called "With Every Wind." We are a three piece alternative rock band that uses a lot of tracks. Thus, we all use in ears for a click track. As if now all we have running through the in ears are the click and the actual track we are sending to the FOH, while relying on the stage monitor mix for everything else. (typically we only have one ear in.)

Obviously this is not ideal, but it is functional. I would really like to be able to get us a full in ear mix, but I do not just want to grab an aux channel from the FOH PA system and rely on whoever is mixing sound that night to do a good job with the in ear mix. I want a way to have control of just in the in ear mix. So far I have though of two solution, neither I am really happy with:

1. I could purchase a small rack mount digital mixer (like the Presonus studio live RM) and use those aux channels to mix our in ears with my iPhone/ipad. The problem with this is that then we would basically have to also buy all the gear to mic up that PA, and we would need our own sound guy.
2. Or we could purchase a simpler digital interface (like the Presonus Studio 192) and request that the FOH PA send us 4 aux channels: 1 drum mix, 1 guitar mix, and 2 vocal mixes. The problem with that is I have no idea how common or readily available any given venue would be able to provide such specific aux mixes.

Either way I feel like this is a complicated issue, maybe I'm silly for even trying to do a setup like this, but I am curious as to what you guys think about it. Have any of you every done something like this? Thanks in advance!