It's definitely been awhile since I've been able to post one of these (at least for guitar-related gear), but I'd like to think I'm making a triumphant return of sorts with this one!

And like I used to do, I'm presenting this score in comic-style fashion .

Oooo...a mysterious box in the mail! What might be inside?

Packing material!? Wait a minute, let's dig a bit deeper!

Ahhh...a Gibson case! What's inside? A witches broom? A glorious battle axe?

Ah, the mighty Flying V of course!

So, long story short - I used to own a Gibson Explorer several years back. I ended up selling it to fund an SG I was eyeballing at the time. While I still have the SG (And certainly do not regret getting it! Big SG fan here), I did decide that I miss having an aggressively styled guitar in my rig. I actually used to want a V before I ended up getting an Explorer, and this one was way too good of a deal to pass up, so I'm pretty excited to have finally pulled the trigger on one!

This isn't actually a standard Flying V, but a special 120th anniversary model that comes w/some extra goodies/differences over the standard. Stay tuned for the review below for my complete thoughts!

Quality/Finish - If you opened this thread expecting to hear some dismay over modern-day Gibson QC, I'm afraid you've opened the wrong thread! . I can honestly say this is one of the nicest Gibsons I've played, and that includes some vintage Les Paul Custom and SG examples. The nitro cherry finish is stunning, with great attention to detail, and the white/ivory neck binding adds some extra class factor. And the way it feels? Well, this guitar is a top tier rock and roll machine - no other way to put it! The build quality is nothing short of top notch here.

Hardware/Playability - As you'll notice upon first glance, This Anniversary edition V shares much in common w/the '67 reissue style V. You've got your classic Gibson set-up going here - Two humbuckers, a tune-o-matic bridge, and plenty of chrome!

This guitar had one previous owner (Who probably only played this thing a couple of times, if that, given it's condition), and it had been set up before it ended up at the shop I ordered it from. It plays like butter, and the neck is the ideal thickness for my liking on a guitar of this style - Slightly thinner than my SG's slim-profile neck, and slightly thicker than my Jackson DK2M. It plays very fast, and is pretty shredder friendly (especially with the unrestricted access to the upper frets), but still has enough wood material to it for that thick, chunky Gibson tone. More on that in the following section!

Tone - Upon first glance, you may have noticed the chrome-covered pickups, which are somewhat uncommon on Gibson V's. These are not the standard 500T/496R pickups in most V's/Explorers, but a set of Burstbucker Pros! The BB Pros are basically overwound PAF's with Alnico 5 magnets. Compared to the '57 classics in my SG, they are noticeably higher output, but definitely not screamers like the 500T/496R. They are also brighter than 57 classics.

Overall, these pickups are very versatile, and a great match for the guitar. Good cleans (both bridge and neck), and they are much less "spongey"/stay much tighter under gain with heavy palm mute style playing than the '57's in my SG. Where they really shine IMO though, is with crunch tones. These things can nail stuff like Zeppelin, AC/DC, and early Def Leppard style rhythm (and lead!) tones.

Personally, I think the neck pickup is perfect, and although I really enjoy the bridge pup too, I may ponder the idea of trying a Wolfetone Fenris/Blisterbucker, or BKP Nailbomb in the bridge just for ****s and giggles down the road. Then again, I'd be fine just leaving it alone too!

Overall - I think it's safe to say that overall, I have just scored my new main axe! I may be coming off as too giddy, but this is definitely my nicest guitar, and the nicest one I've ever owned for that matter. If you're looking for a truly stellar Gibby V, and this particular example is an indicator of anything, these limited edition models are worth hunting down over a regular '67 RI or faded V.
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Nice! Now, go poke somebody's eye out with that twanger!
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Nice score and a beauty of a V. HNGD
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Sweet! I love me a good gibson v!

I have an early 2000's gibson Gothic V and it is a blast to play.

side note, get some Straplocks for it ASAP.
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Yeah those anniversary edition ones absolutely fucking destroy the more modern models if you ask me!
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I was expecting something gaudy when I read pointy content. This is great though. Lovely looking V and you're not helping my GAS for a V right now. :")

Sweet score! I loved my Gibson V, wanted another one ever since I got rid of it, which is what led me to buying the Brent Hinds V.
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I am officially envious, I love V's and most of the variants, that axe is georgeous

Congrats on aquiring this fine machine, be careful not to poke your eye out
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bobafettacheese - That Hinds V is way badass! I'm gonna have to try and find one to give a test spin on when they're more readily available.

trashedlostfdup - I remember playing a Gothic series LP years back that was really nice. And not a single one of my guitars goes without straplocks

Baconjerky - That username might do the same to me!
- Gibson Flying V 120 #1 (White)
- Gibson Flying V 120 #2 (Cherry)
- Gibson SG Standard ('61 style)
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- ENGL Fireball 60
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Congratulations on the new V. She's a real beauty. Way ahead of their time, Thankfully these guitars were given a second chance. Hard to imagine the world without the beloved Flying V.

Nice I finally got my Brent Hinds sig. I'm so happy to have a V. I've officially become a V/Explorer guy.
I've always been a big fan of the wine red (cherry red?) finish on V's. Lovely guitar, bud!
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