I feel "at home" when playing romantic and melancholy progressions as made popular to me by Elliott Smith recordings. I can see a heavy Chopin influence in Elliott's work.

I recorded this on Solo Piano to honor Elliott Smith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOA6Bf8P3ao

This next recording included bass range vocals. I used Jackson C. Frank and Nick Drake recordings to pick up on this dark and brooding style on acoustic guitar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXKxr8NXgpA

How do other members feel about this Delta Blues feeling I may have? I believe contrast and balance is important, but I sometimes struggle getting out of this sad and melancholy vibe of the Delta...
The second one reminded me of the ending of Tenacious D's Sasquatch so it's cool
Quote by Lateralus32 at #33945903
I can see a heavy Chopin influence in Elliott's work.

Please explain. I'm not doubting you or saying you're wrong, I'm just having trouble making the connection. I like both Elliott Smith and Chopin though, so I'm curious about your thoughts.

I love the solo piano cover btw
Nice work !

I am a seriously big lover of Nick Drake's and Elliot Smith's music, so i think i'm rather inclined to dig your stuff. Thumbs up