I have been looking for some guitars and found Jackson Mark Morton Dominion pro series. It looks like an awesome guitar BUT it was crafted in Indonesia.
How are the Indonesian Jacksons?
Most of the time artist signature guitars are not worth the extra money. If you give us budget, location, new or used and style we can provide a nice list of guitars to look out for.
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Nothing wrong with Indonesian Jacksons. They are fine guitars. In this case made by Samick. As mentioned you're paying extra for the signature, but at least the Dominion has a unique design and features for a Jackson. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you get one.
Get one if you really want a Dominion specifically.

I'd stay away from most signature guitars because there often isn't enough of a difference in features that cannot simply be done to a non-signature model and achieving the same result to justify the extra cost. But Dominions are one of the exceptions to this rule. They are unique in ways that you cannot just replicate on another guitar.
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Personally I think they are rather ugly

Other than that I have a Washburn Parallaxe and an Ibanez Xiphos both made in Indonesia build quality on both is top notch fit finish and playability is on par with my MIJ Jacksons
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I just purchased a used Jackson Dominion Pro (bourbon burst with oil finished neck) and it has become my favorite guitar. I love Medium Jumbo frets and the 24 3/4" scale length but the neck isn't as chunky as my Les Paul. The locking tuners, coil taps, and pickups (59s in my case and Dimarzio's in the new models) are all wonderful features that I truly utilize. Pinch harmonics jump from the guitar, and it has a lively feel given it's chambered nature. I know some people aren't fans of the shape but I loved this style guitar back when Mark was using the Framus Panthera. Truth be told the only reasons I went with the older model instead of the new ones is I wanted Sperzel tuners not Jackson designed ones and I didn't want a painted neck. YMMV of course, but these are just my experiences.
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Pretty certain I answered your post on the Matal Amino app. lol. I own an Indonesian made Jackson and it's fantastic. One of the best playing guitars I've ever played, let alone owned. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the quality. (I've only seen one Indonesian Jackson "lemon" so far.) Mine's a Jackson RRMG.
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