When going across string using outside picking I've noticed i slightly brush the string im about tohit with an upstroke on the way down, say going from a downstroke on the E to an upstroke on the A, ill brush the A on my way down. I've noticed that if I tilt my pick upwards every time I hit the E it brings my pick away from the A avoiding it naturally, but this seems like a lot to concentrate on when doing more complext patterns? Does every one tilt their pick dependant on what theyre picking or should I just slow down and get used to the circular flowing motion to miss the string? PS: I know this is long winded and hope it makes sense.
Slow yourself way down for a while and practice your picking motion. You need to slow it down to the point where you can control every little bit of your pickstroke. Analyze what's happening: things like how you're holding the pick, your pick angle, and what is causing you to brush the other string when you pick. As you focus on what's happening, you can begin to work on those little details, find what's comfortable for you, and over time begin to speed back up as your accuracy increases.
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