I'm having a school talent show and i'm playing electric guitar but i can't figure what songs to do. Some info are :
-I'm playing by myself but i can use a backing track
-No one in my school knows any of the classic bands or songs (only the teachers do)
-I own a Epiphone Les Paul Top Pro so something around the tone of this guitar

I was thinking about doing sweet child o' mine but i want to look at other options too.
Thanks !
Personally I'd go for "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" by Van Halen since it's huge fun and the crowd reacts to it, plus it's a LOT easier to play than it sounds...

"Sweet Child" would probably work too though
If you are playing by yourself, I would find something where the guitar is playing the main part most of the time. Well, Sweet Child is not a bad choice... But there are songs where the guitar is playing the main melody all the time. Listen to some surf rock.

Actually, why not play Misirlou by Dick Dale? It's pretty easy but I'm sure people will be impressed. I mean, the song has attitude and it's fast. Nobody knows how easy it is to play. Also, it's a song everybody has heard.


Here is an alternate version that has some more parts to it:

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