For the tone, she is playing through a Marshall Lead 15 (White), and she is playing an SG special LTD. They look like the normal pups to me... However, I'm not an expert on SGs by any means, so they could be stock pups or aftermarkets for all I know. I hope that was somewhat helpful. Haha.

Amp (from her Twitter):

Guitar (from her Twitter):

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Woop woop, Haruhi! The tabs on UG for this song are total crap But anyway:

I'd say that that is an SG Special, and I would say those are the standard pick-ups. It's hard to differentiate between pick-ups in general but to me those are the standard SG ones, they always tend to have a flattish look to them (but are actually quite hot).

The thing about not having that white writing on them, well it could be a newer/older model and she could have simply wiped the lettering away (a lot of people actually do this). It's also worth noting that just about any brand named pick-ups with a high output will get this ball park sound, so they're not all that important in regards to being pitch-perfect. There a lot of mids in the sound, but the amp EQ can easily put that in.

As for amp in general, it's fairly clear what it is but just about any kind of 'british' sounding amp would work. The Marshalls are good for crunch, but you could get this sound with pretty much any decent amp. It's quite a light overdrive crunch tone, if you push the master volume to near max but roll off on the gain you can get most of the way there. If you then use a decent classic overdrive pedal, you'll get there no problem..

If you want that guitar specifically definitely try your surrounding area second hand local sales and trade sites or facebook groups. SGs are quite popular as purchases and are well priced, especially second hand. You might just find an SG Special LTD in white if you're lucky, if not you can get a darker coloured standard SG for as low as 599 pounds: https://new.andertons.co.uk/search?p=1&q=gibson%20sg&by=5&v=0

They're great guitars for the price. If you want a guitar that just has that sound, but not necessarily the price, let us know what your budget and what other guitar shapes you like. We can easily recommend something similar if you want to save money but still have that tone
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