Hi people!
I'am having a problem with my Hotplate and I wonder if anybody could help me.
I have my Marshall Plexi connected to Hotplate. Hotplate is a 4 Ohm model, and is set to LOAD setting. The amp is also set to 4 Ohm. The cab is not connected to the amp, because it doesn't need to be. I am using the line out signal from the hotplate to my roland interface, and I'm using impulse responses to get the cabinet sound.
For live monitoring everything works ok, except I am getting the dry guitar sound from the monitors mixed with wet/cabinet sound. It drives me NUTS. I wan't to be able to hear only the wet/cabinet sound - without dry sound. I don't have that problem when I record the track - ONLY when monitoring. I would like to be able to hear ONLY THE WET SOUND when monitoring. Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,
Best regards,
I don't see how this issue could be related to the Hotplate.