Hi all.

The boss PS-6 didn't have a latch or momentary switch, I just wanted to mix the PS-6 into my distortion chain without having to press the footswtich on and off twice.?I don't know if you can get a harmonizer/pitch shifter with modeling software line6 farm or amplitube?

How can I use a boss PS-6 and FS-6 to get a momentary push to make stomp. Can I do this with a interface and line 6 farm /amplitube etc, or do I need 100% analogue chains?- I don't know if you can mix a A/B send into the insert chain of a FBV MKII or something

I don't really know how to visualize this because I don't want to make a mistake and buy the wrong equipment.

Any thoughts? or experience?
Can you explain the problem a little clearer? It hard to understand what you need. You might just need a programmable looper to control the signal routing to both effects. Here's an example of one:

Besides the point, I uses my guitar, straight into a line 6 ux 1 / pod farm. I want to somehow put a harmonizer in that chain, Idk how, I assume using some kind of aux sidechain. - But not only that. I want to use that harmonizer on latch mode, which i think means using a boss FS-6 I don't really know the options.

Latch mode I believe means that I can hold down the switch and its on, but as soon as I release the switch the harmonizer is off and its just a distortion chain. That way is what I want.

You can also do this with a delay or chorus, but today I Want to use a harmonizer. I think its just extra complicated because I am using pod farm/interface modeling software.