I bought a 2015 Traditional Pro 3 about 2 months ago, after I got it home I realized the push/push knobs were broke. Fast forward to today, still haven't been able to get it repaired, and they have no idea when the parts will be in to fix it. It doesn't really effect my playing as I'm new, but paying this much for something it should work. Anyway, the manager told me to bring it back and I can simply swap it out for another. I love everything about the guitar, but damn this thing is heavy. I can upgrade to a Standard for roughly $220 more. I've read the standards are somewhat lighter, and have a slimmer neck. Any thoughts? Is the weight difference not enough to swap over??? Thanks
Well the best thing you can do is try them out for yourself. There is no saying you will like the Standard more and the weight difference is a personal thing. A pot is an easy fix, so if I liked the Trad I already have then I would have no problem waiting to get that replaced.

If you have second thoughts about the trad then there is no harm trying out the standard unless you have to order it in.
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Whatever you do, compare what you have with what you can trade with. It's not because it's the same model that it's an equal guitar. It could be worse, but on the other hand, it might be great.

The neck profile and weight is very personal. I like a Les Paul with a chunky neck and a lot of weight, you might not. See for yourself. If you feel like it's heavy and it's bothering you, there's nothing that keeps you from looking for a lighter one. I doubted between a traditional and a standard when I got my traditional and I remember the standard being lighter. It's been a few years though.

If none of the guitars you can trade for are on par with the traditional you have according to you, wait for the parts to come in and have it fixed.
I wouldn't worry so much about the weight, yeah Les Pauls tend to be on the heavy side, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The only downside is if you pick up an SG or something, it's like you're then playing air

Since you're still relatively new I'd say keep within that price range of your current, by all means go and try other models out and see what 'feels' best to you
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