Saw this Les Paul Tribute for a great price but for some minor scratches -

Scroll down to see the pictures
But i wanted to know is that will this effect the lifespan of the guitar (will it break for easily)
and does hinder the playing/comfortability and or sound of the guitar.
I found this before getting a Epiphone Les Paul Quilt Top Pro but wanted the 57 Humbuckers instead but i'm not sure what to do as for the damages and i cant really afford the retail price for a new les paul tribute.
(I am currently contacting them to see what they say too but would love some feedback from some of you guys)
Many Thanks

Things i want to is that-
How different are the pickups from the two guitars tone wise and if it is really worth having the guitar even though of the cracks and scratches

The Epiphone Standard Pro i'm talking about -
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Save up for something better. Waiting a while for a bit more cash is worth the better guitar. Just my 2 cents.
Agreed. Patience is your friend.
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If I'm honest, this


Is as low as I'd go in Epi's line. If you can't do that yet, I'd say either look used (without a headstock replacement), or save your money up and be a little patient. Which is shit advice when you're really trying to buy gear, I know, but if you wait for a little longer, you'll be much happier in the long run. At least it's been true for me in the past.

If you're not married to the idea of a Les Paul, and I don't know how set you are on that, Schecter does some great, affordable things with their Diamond Series. It's Indonesian made, but for the price range you're in, they're probably (IMO) your best bet.

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