Downloaded song tab for "IT'S BEEN AWHILE" by Staind. The tab lists the tuning (for several of the guitar parts) as "Ab Db Ab Db Gb Bb" Tuning. I can't find this tuning on-line as a "standard" non-standard tuning (so to speak).

Is this a typo... or just plug away and try it?


Allan B

Just found the Youtube lesson from Mike Mushok on how he plays ... and tunes the guitar on his song ... DA

The tuning is authentic - the lesson is really cool. He walks us through all the guitar parts.

Sorry for your time

Mushok is where I first heard of the idea of "baritone guitar". I should try this tuning on my 7-string, since it'd be pretty easy to drop it down a half-step then tune the two low strings down an extra step for that. I've never tried to play any of Staind's stuff because I don't like tuning down that far.
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