I am looking to replace the stock Fender Special design/Eminence speaker in my HRD II. I am looking for a nice American tone speaker that works well in this amp with clear highs and controlled bass/mids. I wish to keep or improve the Fender Sparkling cleans. I use it with a HSS Strat and use a Dynacomp to enhance the Fender Sparkly sound.

Most suggestions that I see in forums are Jensens (C12N and P12N), V30s and Cannabis rex. I do not like the V30s as I have tried one locally. The Cannabis rex sounds good but not what I am looking for as it is more British voiced and I think people use it to improve the distortion rather than the cleans. The Jensens I like the tone but I am not sure if they would stay clean at louder volumes.

Locally, I cannot acquire most of the speakers I have to buy blind from online stores. What do you think would work?