Hey guys - I wrote this modern "country" song and I recorded it a few months ago with a friend. I dont really listen to 'country' music (but my gf sure does a lot), and this is the first time Ive done a country track. I usually do hard rock or metal.

I noticed the production quality on modern country is really good (which makes sense cuz its a multi-million dollar industry for each artist).. so Im not trying to perfectly replicate their sound because it just may not be possible with my current hardware, but I am trying to close the gap.

Here is the track (hopefully the link works for ya'll people, it shouldnt be locked): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bi24q4kda7el5eb/Whiskey%20Girl%20try%202.mp3?dl=0

I feel like everything is "mixed" together well and glued up; but overall, it just doesnt really sound like the other productions. I am trying to use Jake Owen - The One that Got Away as a sort of reference. https://youtu.be/-GUWXF3LIy8
I think the biggest differences that I can hear is that his vocals seem more "upfront" and open and bassy, the mix overall seems more organic and not so scoopy, his instruments sound natural but not as "in your face" as mine do (seems like my kick has a lot more thump and presence than his, which I sort of dig but maybe it is affecting the mix overall?)

I know my mix doesnt have to sound exactly like his does, but it irritates me that I cant figure out what the difference is and how to compensate for it, so I could really use some tips.

For background info: vocals were recorded through Shure Beta57a (and just fyi, I am the first singer and my friend is the second :thumbsup:; guitars - strat w emg single coils through fulltone OCD to Engl Powerball clean to shure beta 57a; taylor acoustic micd with 2 shure beta 57a mics; bass was a cheap bass plugged direct and using emulations; drums are ezdrummer. If you guys need more info, let me know, THANKS!
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