The few extant tabs score this in fifths (C5-D5, etc). But... nah; let's not do that.

Consider picking up an acoustic (yes, an acoustic guitar, a solo acoustic guitar) and playing this at the same tempo, giving a good solid single note rhythm to the root bass notes and freestyle almost partial travis picking in spots (not as a constant 1-2-3-4 but rather as delayed as Numan does, that slight hesitation; empty space matters) throughout.


And the little bridge piece is easy as pie.

I am not going to post the exact note-x-note way I play it; that would ruin the fun. But, oh man, if you knew this song as a youngin' (I confess, I'm 50 now; the song is from 1979), it is a blast to play on an acoustic. And the lyrics are top notch Orwellian dystopic.

Obviously it is an electronic composition entirely. That is what makes it so enjoyable to arrange it for an acoustic.

When you reach the endpoint/restart point of the C-D-A#-F-/-C-D-A cycle, toss in a few jazz-like scattershot ringing harmonics while back to C, never losing the bass line; and really give it to those bass notes. Booompf-C (pick pick) Booompf-D (pick pickpick) Boompf-A# . . . and so on. I play the C&D in first position, the A# and A barred (6th, 5th frets respectively) and the F barred on the first fret.

Hours of fun.


Live elongated version:


Confession: One of my favorite things is coming up with acoustic arrangements for songs that just are not acoustic guitar songs. So this one was a welcome canvas.

Oh, by the way, it also sounds great with a solo electric blasting through a decent amp with your favorite effect :^) I've hammered away at it with my Guild through a Fender Reverb amp turned up to eleven and it is nerve tingling. Yet . . . it is just such a damn beautiful slow groove and sounds so delicately disturbing on an acoustic.

But its uncomplicatedness, the unpretentiousness of the musical composition, just lends itself so damn well to an acoustic.

Lyrics right HERE .
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B flat, not A sharp. I'll listen more later, though.
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B flat, not A sharp. I'll listen more later, though.

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