A Co-worker let me borrow 2 of his VFE Pedals: Pale Horse and White Horse. The only thing I have to play them through is my BOSS GT-3 ME board. At first, the Pale Horse hooked up between my guitar (BC Rich Pro X Mockingbird) and the GT-3. IT worked fine. Later, I read about the external loop and put the pedal on that. It worked then, too. I get back on the GT-3 again today, and the Pale Horse no longer works. The green LED flashes when plugging a cable into the input side, but I get nothing from it except a hum and faint squeals when turning the knobs.

The adapters my co-worker supplied are vastly different from one another in size and brand. One is a Dan Electro which outputs 9.6 volts @ 200mA @ 8W and the other is a Behringer which outputs 9 volts @ 300mA @ 2.7W. Now, the Dan Electro gets warm when used and the other doesn't.

I have owned the Boss GT-3 since 2001 and it hasn't had a lick of problems. I've never tried using stand-alone effects pedals on it, never needed to due to what it is. I am trying to figure out if this situation was something I created or if it was due to other factors. I really can't afford to buy the co-worker another pedal.