As I'm a new member here and can't post in the correct forum I'll post this here.

I was recently on a tour with my band when my amp started to give me headaces.

It all started after about 5 gigs where it had been functioning properly.
It worked like a charm during soundcheck, but when we stepped on stage for the show and I turned it on and it started making a loud and awful hiss on the clean channel.
I then switched to the lead where it made the normal kind of hiss.
After about 30 seconds of headscratching all the lights except for the power blinked a few times and I turned it off.

Now I've been playing it for about 30 minutes at home with no problems at all, but the hiss on the clean channel came back again.
We've been transporting it safely with all the other amps.

As I spend all my money on guitars I don't need I don't really have the budget to take it to a shop and have them look at it.

The tubes seem fine and the infinium led's does not indicate any problems with them.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards
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