so i'm learning tornado of souls solo and i have problems on the fast part before sweeps, i practiced it slow with metronome and gradually built up the speed but i can't help but play sloppy on higher bpm-s... any advices? this is really frustrating
If you can't play it fast cleanly then you're not ready to be trying to play it fast.
Take a break for a little while. The problem with higher BPMs is that you often just tire your muscles out and don't give them time to fully 'come back'. So you struggle to play it cleanly, or as fast, then you get frustrated, and practice more, making it worse.

I recently had the same thing learning some Petrucci stuff. I knew where my fingers should go and I had the muscle memory mostly there, but I wasn't giving my hands the time they needed to let that speed and movement settle in. A day or two later it was like a weight had been taken off of my hand, suddenly something I'd been struggling with was now par for the course.

The same applies for leaving it behind and learning something else for a day or two that's a bit easier. Focusing on singular specific sections can really push specific hand muscles because of the shear repetition.

For me, going off and doing something different for a day or two refreshes my approach to learning whatever I'm struggling with; it allows me to more calmly look at my technique and how I can improve it.

From a technical standpoint, it may well your picking hand that's letting you down, watch this video, you'll learn it a lot:

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