Hey all,
I've owned a Mark V for a while and I think it may be time to change tubes. Now, I realize I use the Mark V differently than most; I have channel one set up for sparkling cleans, two set for edge of breakup blues, and three the closest to a Marshall crunch I can get. I was wondering what tubes would be best for my use, EL34s or 6L6s? I play a lot of classic rock with a Gibson Les Paul and mahogany strat with 3 p90s. I've hear that EL34s will be better for channels two and three but will hurt the cleans a bit.

On another note, I feel that my channel three tone isn't horrible; however, I'd like to know if anyone else has some channel three Marshall-y settings that I could try out.

Lastly, what cab/speakers do you guys pair it with? I have an Avatar 2x12 contemporary with Celestion Creambacks in it. I may go a bit smaller though, just because the contemporary can get pretty bulky at times.

Thanks everyone

Edit: Also, has anyone ever tried a Redplate Magica? I hear that is almost exactly what I'm looking for sound-wise. I know it's a bit more, so I'd have to sell the Mark V then save up a little until I could get one.
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i like EL34's in my MKIV. i haven't necessarily A/B'd them. i use my MKIV similarly with a clean, low-gain, and heavy lead. the lead channel is godly right now, and the cleans aren't compromised. but keep in mind it is a different amp.
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