Hi guys. After my 2 years of guitar playing, I've figured out that i've been directional picking rather than strict alternate. An example of this might be, down up down on one string then when i go to the next one, down up down again. I only do this sometimes however, it just feels natural for my hand to go right to the string rather than past it to hit an up stroke, but I want to learn strict alternate picking, like John petrucci, who is my guitar hero you could say. I don't want to hear any of the "just do directional picking" etc, this is the task i've chosen to take on, so i'd like to hear any support you're willing to share. Thanks! (Any people who have tried to do the same thing, or have same issue, what I could do to get rid of this habit) its a real habit, I cant even try to strict alternate pick something because I'll naturally directional pick without noticing. Thanks in the future