Whenever I sweep, my G string rings out noticeably. It's loudest when I do 3 string arpeggios on the high strings. Is it a right hand muting problem or does my left hand have too much tension in the fingerling? This happens whether I'm ascending or descending. Whenever I lift off the g string and only the g string. Here's a link to a video if it helps. My guitar is unplugged but I figure it's better than nothing. I could upload a plugged I'm video later if it's necessary. https://youtu.be/Es_zZqBJWzc
The fact that you brought up the fact that you're sweeping the first three strings actually makes this easier to answer: PROGRESSIVE PALM MUTING. Your hand should be in a position where it naturally mutes the string you just left as you go to the higher strings. Here's what to do: take your fretting hand OFF the guitar. Now, slowly sweep from low to high on the open strings, when you pick the low E and go to pick the A string, as soon as you reach the A string and pick it, your palm should mute the low E at the exact same time. This is accomplished by holding your picking hand in the perfect position (and angle) so that it automatically mutes the previous string as you get toward the next.

This may seem real unreasonable or difficult at first, but I promise you won't even have to think about it if you lock it into muscle memory. You just have to figure out how you should hold your picking hand to make this work.

Now you may be wondering, what about when descending? (when going from thin to thick strings). Obviously the progressive palm muting won't work here, but your fingers should not be arched too much, you want them kinda flat so they naturally lay across the higher strings you just played (muting them). So your fretting hand should mute when descending, your palm should mute when ascending.

Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense.