Hi Guys,

I recently bought a pre-wired single coil pick up with tone and volume controls.
I thought it would be a simple swap by removing the old pick up and controls and putting the new one in. The only hard thing I had to do was solder the ground wire (which was already connected to the bridge) to the jack input.
However, there is no sound from my amp and when I touch the pick-up or strings I get a slight clicking sound, as if I am actually grounding the signal.

Any ideas? Could the pick up be faulty... or wired incorrectly? should I have grounded the jack?

I have very little electrical experience but I thought a straight swap should be simple.
Quote by damohonda
or wired incorrectly?

It's eminently possible. Show us what you've got so far; upload a photo to imgur or somesuch site.

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should I have grounded the jack?

All your grounds should lead to the jack (specifically the sleeve), as the jack is grounded via the cable.