Im simply wondering does any body have any opinions on the flextone series of Line 6 Amps. I need a better combo than my super old MG15, not anything spectacular. Just something that has a nice clean and tolerable gain channels, will this amp do that and are the flextones any good, Thanks
Actually the Flextone amps are quite usable, if you can get one for a reasonable price it will be a significant step up.
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Flextones aren't bad. Miles better than spiders. However i would still take a vypyr or valvetronix over one.
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The Flextone II and III are nice amps and really cheap these days. The flextone used a stripped down Vetta I processor in the II and used a stripped down Vetta II processor on the series III. To get the best out of them you need to get the FBV shortboard MKI or MKII works with series III.

They are a great deal these days the series II/III are better than the Vypyrs and Valve tronix IMO but all of those are pretty decent
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Still way better than any of the entry-level modellers available nowadays imo. A used Mk3 without the floorboard can be found for 150€, ones with the floorboard are more like 200€. Really good value.
For the amount of money that a Vetta costs these days, I'd just grab one of those. You can find them used for about 300-450 USD.
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I actually own a Flextone II Plus. It cost me $200 usd. 60W alone + 40W more with an extension. Good sounds, versatile. Has cab emulation, and a buttload of effects. Picked up a foot board (the 4 channel switcher) for $60.

Cleans are good, although the "Line 6 clean" has syrupy effects on it that can be dialed out in a hot second and stored. Straight up manual mode works well also.

On mine I have channel A: Rectified, B: Modern Hi Gain, C: Line 6 Clean, and D: also Line 6 Clean but here I have a Bogner Uberschall pedal on it. I've tweaked out nearly everything on this amp.

Ime the amp's a "swiss army knife" type of amp. Not specializing in anything in particular, but it will get you 90% of the way there on almost any kind of sound. Which is why i use the Uberschall pedal for my death metal tones as i find that it gives me more articulation then the Line 6 Rectified mode. It's also one of the few amps that i don't have to max out the bass knob on as it has decent enough headroom there.

Cheap and plentiful, found on Ebay and Reverb, and not even the same species as the Spiders. Still a little bit of factory support in the form of manuals and tech docs from Line 6. Make sure the power button on the back hasn't been broken off as they are vulnerable to hits. If so you can get it fixed or be lazy like me and use something to poke it with.

imo, the Flextone II's and III's would make a good choice if you are interested.
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