So, I recently decided to tackle GP6, despite a lot of negativity I've heard about it. I'm actually disappointed I hadn't started using it sooner. This one is called Beyond Shadows. I would like to think the riffs and structure of this song tell a story that ties to the title, but you as the listener are most certainly allowed to come to your own conclusions.

Thanks for the listen, hope you enjoy.

I think the overall composition is good... modern sounding (could be used in a movie soundtrack or computer games, etc.). The tone of the main guitar is 'thin' and buzzy, but then again... it's whatever you have access to. If you could get a Petrucci, Vai or Satriani sound, it would kill a lot more!
I actually agree with the "thinness", that was a concern of mine during the finalizing of the song. As for tones, GP6 gives you access to a lot of different pedals and mods, but perfecting those sounds is something I still need to work on. The feedback is definitely appreciated though, thank you.