Title says it all. :-) I've started playing with a couple of friends and we're doing a bossa nova song in addition to some jazzy songs. That particular song would sound great with a nylon string acoustic. But I don't have one, nor do I have the budget to buy one right now. Does anyone know of a pedal or VST instrument that could make my electric sound like that? I guess using the midi guitar 2 app on the iPhone? But I don't think there's a nylon string guitar among the instruments... any suggestions?
Well, I don't know of any individual pedals, but there are acoustic models on many modeling devices and amps, like the Korg Pandora series.

There are also electric guitars from Godin, Parker, Fret-King and others that include piezo pickups, so that you can get that acoustic sound.
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I've never tried one I like. Most of them sound awful, because all they do is EQ, they don't do anything for the great difference in attack and sustain that is inherent in a hollow body. I suppose that one of the more sophisticated guitar synths might do it OK.

agree. a nylon string would be even tougher so i kinda doubt it can be done as of yet. bottom line is that you would likely be disappointed.
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I haven't checked yet, but I'd bet money a Variax can do it.

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justinguitar.com is the answer
You could probably find a cheap used nylon for cheaper than most half-decent alternatives. Otherwise, BIAS has an acoustic setting you could tweak. Not going to be the same as nylon though.
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Here's a sample of what a Godin nylon electric can sound like:

And here's an intro to the line:
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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The current Variax guitars don't have a Nylon-string guitar among the models they emulate.

However... I have a Variax 700 Acoustic that does. The 700 Acoustic was (it's been discontinued for a while) a guitar that looked like a thin-body acoustic, but that was actually a solid mahogany bodied guitar that modeled a wide range of acoustic instruments, including a nylon-string classical guitar based on a 1958 Manuel Velazquez™
(Introduced 1930’s)
The specs on that guitar (which still sits in a case at Line 6 in Calabasas, I think):
Brazilian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard
640mm scale
One of America’s most respected classical luthiers,
Manuel Velazquez has been called the “dean of
luthiers” for the balance and clarity of his instruments.
Velazquez instruments are built in the Torres/Hauser
tradition and notable for quality rather than

One of the benefits of these guitars is that there's no noise/hum and there's no feedback and no need to mike them.

The Edge has a pair of these that he plays onstage. And this other guy uses one as well:

They're no longer easy to find, and the prices on these have begun moving up again, since Line 6 hasn't offered a replacement among their current offerings.
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Thanks for all the answers. So I guess the final answer is "buy another guitar"? :-P OK then, need to talk to my wife then... :-D

I was actually looking at the Yamaha NTX700... pretty cheap but apparently got excellent reviews, neck like an electric (well, narrower than a typical classical and with a radius). I've tried the NCX700 (with a classical neck) and it seemed excellent quality. I've got two Yamahas (one 3/4 APXT2 which is tons of fun to play and has very good amplified sound) and a FG720S-12, which I also love... but I'll check the Godin. Love me some Godin.